Education Session: Employing Mindfulness Techniques to Combat Employee Burnout and Increase Productivity

Sponsored by MCAA’s Women in the Mechanical Industry

48% of the U.S. workforce struggles with “compassion fatigue.” The result? Burnout, absenteeism, mental and emotional distress, poor sleep, unhealthy diets, and high turnover. Empathetic and compassionate people are invaluable on any team. But when compassion makes it feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders, genuine empathy can devolve into unhappiness, unproductivity, and an inability to help the very people you care about in the first place. Mindfulness is one of the simplest and most practical tools for self-care. In this session, you’ll learn how to gradually make it an important part of anyone’s daily routine by:

– Identifying the sources and symptoms of compassion fatigue

– Rethinking the assumptions that trigger impostor syndrome and guilt

– Implementing self-care strategies that drive a renewed sense of energy and purpose in the workplace and beyond

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